*90-minute Career Consultation with Career Blacksmith, Colin McClean

If you feel that your career is stuck and you're not progressing despite having the education, training and experience required, you'll benefit from a 90-minute consultation with Career Blacksmith, Colin McClean.

Colin has heard and seen the many challenges that face employment seekers today.  “I’ve witnessed the desperation of people who have been without work for a long time or are employed in jobs they hate. I have also seen the elation of people who – armed with the right information and support – achieve their ultimate career victory. It's an incredible experience that I want to help more people find!”

In your 90-minute, one-on-one telephone or video-conference consultation with Career Blacksmith, Colin McClean, (a $150.00 value), he'll review your career goals, assess your career progress path; and provide recommended next steps and tools you can use right away to start moving your career forward.

*For a limited time, get your 90-minute career consultation free when you enroll in Mindset For Career Success!


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