Knockout Networking Online Course

Nix Your Networking Nerves For Good With "KNOCKOUT NETWORKING"!

In this new online course, you'll get the "Know-How to be a Knockout at Networking"

Led by Career Blacksmith Colin McClean and featuring Special Guest Image, Networking, Business and Speaking experts, Knockout Networking will equip you with the information, strategies, tools and techniques that you need to feel more confident and be more successful at networking events. It will prepare you to get the best return on your investment of time and energy to attend these events, the Knockout Networking Online Course covers:

·        Identifying Your Circle Of Influence

·        Maximizing Your Circle Of Influence

·        Building Your Most Confident Self

·        Selling Your True Value (includes creating your Elevator Pitch)

·        Looking and Being the Part:

Click the pic below to take a Sneak Peek at the 'What"s in My Networking Survival Kit!" section of the webinar! 

And, further to the free webinar, "How To Master Networking Events in 3 Simple Steps", this online course dives deeper and provides even more information on:

·        Starting, Maintaining and Ending Conversations

·        Reconnecting and Maintaining Relationships

Led by Career Blacksmith Colin McClean and featuring special guest image, networking, business and speaking consultants, this five-part online course releases 1 or 2 learning modules over several days, as you complete them. Purchase Knockout Networking to start moving your career or business forward now!


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