Happy No New Year's Resolution Year!

happy new year Jan 01, 2019

Welcome to 2019! 

If you want to make lasting changes in your life, we recommend that you skip the "New Year's Resolution" tradition. That's right, instead of making a one-year commitment, today make a New Life Resolution!

What's the difference? Instead of seeing January 1, 2019 as the start of a new calendar year, see it as it truly is... the first day of the rest of your life!

Most of us know from research -- and from experience -- that New Year's resolutions last for a short time; in reality more than half fail. But we don't worry about this too much, because we get to do it all over again next January 1? As my old coach used to say, "So how's that working for you?"

If you really want to make lasting change in your life, decide today to make a New Life Resolution. Here's how you can go about it:

1. State (verbally and in writing) the success you want to achieve. That is, have a crystal clear vision of the ultimate goal you want to meet. Say,...

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