What Moves You Forward?


When you want to move forward in your career or in life you will encounter a large volume of resistance. Your old habits, life circumstances or people will hold you back, pulling you away from your dreams like an industrial elastic band.

Many of you are feeling pulled down and defeated but you can’t give up or give in. If it was easy everyone would be successful! If the challenges of life are pulling you back, you are going to have to make a decision; you can surrender to the resistance or you can fight your way through.

If you are truly serious and you have a deep desire to succeed, you'll go all out to make it happen. Push through the resistance and the pain. You’re going to have to go all out to harness your will. Evaluate your situation, then focus on developing yourself. Use your positive productive habits to pull yourself forward.

No matter what, you’ve got to make it happen. So, if you’re tired, turn your run to the “finish line of...

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Are Your Business Cards Helping or Hindering Your Progress?

The Business Card Hand Off

Your business cards are important tools that can help or hinder your ability to move your business or career forward. In this brief introduction to the Business Card Hand Off section of the Knockout Networking online course, The Great Kazam I Am (aka Career Blacksmith Colin McClean) shares how not knowing how to use business cards strategically can lead to disaster.

Thankfully, how to avoid business card mishaps and how to use them effectively to achieve your career or business goals is covered in Knockout Networking. In this chapter of the easy-to-follow online course, you learn about:

  • Designing a winning business card
  • Strategically giving out business cards
  • Strategically receiving business cards
  • What to do when you don’t have business cards
  • and much more!

Until May 31, 2018, get 50% Off  Knockout Networking when you use the coupon code “KOFIFTY”.  That means right now you'll invest only $48.50 CAD for this career...

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5 Quick Tips on Selling Yourself for Success!

This week I'm proud to introduce you to Coach Amar of Determination FitCamp, my very first guest in KeepMovingForward.ca's new STUDIO 2!


In this excerpt from Knockout Networking, Body Sculpting and Business Coach Amar shares how he helps people turn their “passion to profit”. He provides five easy-to-apply tips to sell yourself more effectively, so you can start achieving your career, business and personal goals faster.

So, who is Coach Amar of Determination FitCamp and FLIP (Financial Livity In Pursuit), and how can he help you succeed? Watch and learn!

NOTE: The full version of this interview delves deeper into the application of these five tips; it's part of KeepMovingForward.ca's Knockout Networking, the online course designed to help you knock out your fear of networking -- the source of 80% of business and career opportunities -- and start getting what you want out of life.
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