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Learn How To

Confidently start, maintain and end conversations with strangers

Learn How To

Strategically work the event to make beneficial connections

Learn How To

Maintain key relationships after the event

Networking Events Shouldn't Leave You With A Sour Taste!

“80% of career opportunities stem from referrals and networking. So, if you’re not networking effectively, you’re most likely holding yourself back from achieving your career goals. ”

If you feel stuck in your career, networking is the key to moving your career forward. But if you're uncomfortable speaking to new people, or have never or rarely attended networking events, how will you benefit from this essential career advancement tactic? Simple, register for the FREE WEBINAR presented by Colin McClean, Career Blacksmith and Author of A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To ... My Career! - 50 Practical Rules To Get The Job You Want!. In this free webinar you'll learn the three key steps to connect with people who can help you achieve your career aspirations. You will learn how to:

  • Find suitable events to attend
  • Confidently start, maintain and end conversations with a stranger and groups of strangers
  • Strategically work the room to make beneficial connections
  • Deal with difficult conversations
  • Maintain key relationships after the event
  • Get the most out of every networking event

Career Blacksmith Colin McClean of brings his wealth of employment services experience and his Adult Teaching certification together, to deliver an insightful presentation to help you move your career forward.

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