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If you’re working really hard to move ahead but aren’t getting where you want to be in your career...YOU NEED TO WATCH THIS! If you’re qualified and experienced but are still missing out on promotions or new career opportunities…YOU NEED TO WATCH THIS! Discover the devastating phenomenon causing hard-working individuals just like you to trap themselves in a dead-end career...


Discover the devastating phenomenon causing hard-working individuals just like you to trap themselves in a dead-end career and how a breakthrough scientific phenomenon is helping people to make up for lost time and fast-tracking career rewards.

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Colin McClean, Career Blacksmith


My name is Colin McClean. As a Career Blacksmith (i.e. an experienced Employment Specialist and Challenge Coach) and a Certified Adult & Continuing Education Trainer, I sculpt and forge your mind for success, using easy-to-follow systems that move your career or business forward, so you can start living the life you envision. 
If you have career aspirations, but haven't found the path to reach them, I will give you the tools, techniques and support to achieve your Ultimate Career Victory.
For instance, if you feel like you’re applying for promotion after promotion, or new position after new position, but no matter how much you try you’re not getting ahead, I urge you to watch the video at the top of the page. You're likely unintentionally sabotaging your well-intended efforts... and you don't even know it!
Get a quick overview by downloading the free report: Ready, Set, Work: 5 Quick Tips To Move Your Career Forward.
Do you have the desire,  education or training and the experience but are not where you want to be in your career? If so, I strongly recommend that you enroll in my MINDSET FOR CAREER SUCCESS online course. Why? If you have the "right stuff" but aren't getting anywhere, there's something missing. Research in multiple disciplines (from Harvard to the Mayo Clinic) is now proving what my experience has regularly found... what you're most likely missing is the right mindset. 
It could also be that you don't have (or haven't made good use of) the right connections to get you where you need to be. After all, 80% of career opportunities stem from referrals and networking. Learn more by registering for my FREE WEBINAR, where in 35 minutes you'll learn 3 key networking steps and get special access to my new KNOCKOUT NETWORKING online course.
Through webinars, courses, one-to-one consultations and more, my team and I are here to help you move forward in your career and in life!

The new "Knockout Networking" Online Course is Here!

If 80% of career opportunities stem from networking, isn't it time to nix your Networking Nerves for good? Register for "Knockout Networking"! This brand new online course gives you the tools, techniques, and strategies to advance your career.

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“80% of career opportunities stem from referrals and networking! So, if you’re not networking, you’re holding yourself back."

In this FREE Webinar, you’ll learn how to get the most out of attending networking events. You'll learn how to confidently start, maintain and end conversations with strangers; how "work" the event; how to follow-up after the event and more! 

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Career success can be yours!  Download your  FREE copy of Ready... Set... Work: 5 Quick Tips To Move Your Career Forward.


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Online Courses and Consultation:

Mindset For Career Success

Your Ultimate Career Victory starts in your mind. You must see it to achieve it! In this easy-to-follow ONLINE COURSE, Career Blacksmith, Colin McClean guides you through 15 mindset improvement modules to sculpt and forge the most important resource you have to move your career forward and achieve your Ultimate Career Victory. Register Now!

Knockout Networking

 "WHO KNOWS YOU, REFERS YOU!"  This is most often the key to achieving your Ultimate Career Victory. in this ONLINE COURSE, Learn how to get out of your comfort zone to build and "work" a network of influential people who can help move your career or business forward! Register Now!

90-Minute Consultation

In this one-to-one telephone or video-conference consultation, Career Blacksmith, Colin McClean, will work with you to identify your challenges, overcome barriers and outline an action plan to move your career forward. Book Your Consultation.

"Colin helped me to strengthen my interviewing skills and market myself more effectively. After a few failed attempts to switch positions, I met a Director and was able to clearly express my goals and discuss my skills and statistics. As a result of this conversation, I was recommended as an ideal candidate to interview for the new position I now hold. Colin helped me get in the right mindset; anticipate and prepare for the tough interview questions; clearly identify and articulate my best skills and accomplishments; and present myself with more confidence. I am also grateful to Colin for redesigning my resume to highlight my skills more succinctly and giving me the interview coaching and practice that helped me finally obtain a position I’d been seeking for some time. Thanks, Colin!"

Alix D., Bilingual Trainer

"I was stuck doing odd jobs that I hated, and I felt I was going nowhere. Working with Colin was so easy. He gave me great insight into the areas that were holding me back and helped me successfully change careers. Specifically, he worked with me to update my resume, prepare for my interview and then ace the interview to land the position I was seeking. He even gave me great advice on being a new hire and moving up within the company. With Colin’s help, I’m now working in a field that I really enjoy! "

Jabari W., Supply Chain Operations

"As an experienced job developer, I’ve too often seen qualified people lose excellent job opportunities due to poor habits or actions that could have been avoided. Unfortunately, when job searching, one rarely receives the luxury of a second chance. Colin teaches job seekers the basics to follow in order to perform a results guaranteed job search, the first time around."

Patricia M., Job Developer

" A gifted facilitator and community worker who truly connects to what is needed for the group. An excellent listener and possesses a wonderful ability to make people feel heard and understood. Innately, his way of being with people instills a sense of comfort that creates an environment of trust and safety. My experience working with him if he says he is going to do something it is as good as done, a coveted and rare trait that I highly respect about him. I see Colin as a peer and give him my highest recommendation as a coach and facilitator."

Winston R., Certified Adult Learning Coach

" Colin has created a great employment bible that has numerous take-away tips and tons of great humor. It’s perfect for reinforcing what’s important in finding your perfect career. This is a must read for everyone who is in transition in their employment!"

Curt S., CHt, CNLP, Managing Partner, Career Coaching


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